Meet The Fairies

CarolynCarolyn, also known as Wisteria the Fairy, has always loved making things. Knitting and crocheting are favorite hobbies of hers. Her love of fairies and becoming a fairy helped to lead to the family starting Fairy Transformations. The look on a little girl’s face when she first sees herself transformed is what makes everything worthwhile.


Derek studied fine art at UCONN where he found his nature based style of whimsey. He focused on Photography where he isolated aspects of atypical nature to show the beauty of all of that world. Hiking and camping have always been a passion and allowed Derek to get closer to the natural world for inspiration and retreat. Recently Derek found a passion for sewing and specifically making custom costuming. Derek's love of the outdoors and his family's love of fairies merged together into Fairy Transformations where Derek and family can help others find their inner fairy. Come get your fairy on!  



Cayla Cayla is a young entrepreneur. She creates the whimsical tutus and adds her own personal style and flair to many of the other items as well. She is loves fairies and especially unicorns and brings that love and a childs energy to everything she does. She would love to become an author or a fashion designer as she gets older.
Breena Breena the littlest of the fairies is as close to a pixie as you can get. She has the creativity and energy of the little sprites and it shows in the lovely headbands and wands that she creates. Her name means ‘from a fairy place’ and it definitely suits her.